How To Select your Ping Pong Paddle: Read This Guide and Find Out

Ping pong is a game of speed, flexibility, agility, and adjustment, in which you need to adapt to your opponents’ spin and style. While it might be a bit of a challenge for beginners, developed players are more able to quickly adapt to their opponents’ shots. This is the reason why you should carefully select your ping pong equipment, as every player’s style is unique.

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In this article, we are going to talk about how to select your ping pong paddle. You might ask what features you need to look out for and we are here to help you. After you have read this post, we are confident that you will be able to choose the ping pong paddle that is right for your gameplay. Read on if you want to know more.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Ping Pong Paddle

Whether you choose to buy a paddle that will serve you for a long period or choose one that you will use only until you develop a certain skill, it is vital that you make an effort in finding the best paddle for your needs. Here are some of the important features that you need to consider when choosing a best ping pong paddle on the market.


A lot of brands make it easy for their consumers by providing ping pong paddles that already come with performance ratings. These ratings help you assess on how the paddles will work out for you especially during gameplay. Power, sometimes referred to as the speed, is generally provided as a score, either out of 10 or out of 100.

Obviously, a higher number would mean a higher level of power or speed. So, if you select a ping pong paddle that has a score of 99 out of 100, it is already safe to say that this rating indicates the most power there is in a paddle.

You should also be aware that not all the brands that are offering this product have this type of rating present in their packaging. Thus, you should always look for these ratings when choosing a ping pong paddle. In addition, you should also consider assessing your skills beforehand, as the wrong power or speed rating might only lead to your discomfort during gameplay.


Control is another performance rating provided by the ping pong paddle brand. It is something that you also want to come across with when you are selecting a paddle. When talking about control rating, this should consider the grip and quality of the rubber. It should also indicate its thickness, its tackiness, as well as the direction of the dimples.

When choosing a ping pong paddle, look for the control rating. If your gameplay is a defensive one, choosing a paddle with a high control rating would be great for you on your ping pong table.


Spin is yet another one of these performance ratings that you need to watch out for. Generally, when a paddle can provide you a high level of control, it can also give you an abundance of spin. Beginners might not be able to lay down a lot of spin, even experience struggle at times. However, experienced players choose a paddle with lots of spin to make it difficult for their opponents.


When it comes to the paddle’s parts, the rubber is considered one of the most important features that has a definitive impact on the gameplay and performance. When choosing a paddle, you might want to consider the quality of the rubber, making sure it does not wear out that easily. If you wish to invest on a quality paddle, there are also great choices but it comes with a price.

If you are not aware, the rubber will always wear out over time regardless of its quality. This is inevitable, especially if you play regularly. However, there just might be a solution to that. You might not know this, but there are brands that also offer rubber replacements, in which you can remove the rubber and replace it once it wears thin.


There are two types of handles among beginners and experience players: flared and straight. Paddles with straight handles have the same width as the its bottom, while flared ones are wider when you reach the bottom. With this, there is not really a right or wrong paddle in terms of handle, as it should depend on your personal choice and preference.


As you may already know, these paddles come in different sizes and shapes. But when it comes to blades, you should either choose a 4-inch long handle or the 6-inch long handle. The best paddle for spinning should have inverted dimples located in the rubber, that creates a smooth surface. To add, most offensive players opt to choose a hard paddle, which gives them power.

For defensive players, on the other hand, choose textured rubber, as it gives them a lot of control over the ping pong table. The additional texture grips the ball, unlike those with smoother surface, allowing you to place your next shot accurately.


Most cheap ping pong paddles do not always allow you to make variations or customizations. However, as your skill develops, you might find it overwhelming that you are now faced with a wide range of choices for specialization. If you have the budget, you should always go for something that you think can serve you for a long time.

In Closing

Choosing the ping pong paddle that is right for you can be confusing at first. But over time, you will be able to select which paddle provides you more control, power, and spin. Along with your skill assessment, we are hoping that you are now able to come up with a decision after you have read this article.

What are the Basic Skills of Playing Ping Pong

Ping pong is a fun sport. However, like others, it can also end up being frustrating, especially when you miss the ball several times. With this, you need to have a mastery of the basic techniques to end up with a win!

What are the basic skills of playing ping pong? If you are wondering about the answer to this question, read on and we’ll let you know some of the things that you will need to learn avoid mistakes. Consistent practice is the key!

The Right Position

One of the fundamental skills that every beginner must learn is the table tennis-ready position. You need to have a well-balanced stance, which will allow you to easily and quickly respond to the shots of your opponent.

If you are right-handed, stand on the left side of the table. Meanwhile, if you are left-handed, stand on the right. Make sure that there is enough room between your body and the table. Your feet should be at least shoulder width apart. You should also have your knees slightly bent for a more balanced position. Meanwhile, the head and shoulders should be slightly forward to the table.

The Right Serve

Serving in ping pong is not as easy as releasing the ball and hitting it with good paddle. It is a skill that you have to master. The right spin will provide the power that the ball needs to send it off to the side of your opponent.

There are basic rules that you have to keep in mind. The ball needs to rest in your open palm. You will also need to toss the ball at least 6 inches. You need to strike the ball before it hits the table. After hitting it with the paddle, the ball should hit your side of the table first before your opponent’s side. If these things are not followed, the serve will be deemed illegal.

More so, you also have to know the types of spins. With a topspin, your stroke starts below the ball and brush it an upward or forward position. With a backspin, on the other hand, your stroke starts above the ball and your racket will be brushed downward and forward. Lastly, with a sidespin, brush the racket along the balls sideways.

The Right Stroke

Learning the proper stroke is necessary for playing table tennis. This is going to determine how the ball will travel to the opposite side and how powerful will each shot be.

Two of the basic strokes that you need to learn are the forehand and backhand strokes. They deserve a separate post to discuss how you can do them properly. In a nutshell, they will dictate the direction of the ball, which makes it important to determine where you would like the ball to land.

The Right Smash

Like in the case of tennis, there are situations in ping pong wherein you will need to make a smash. This is one of the best ways to stun your opponents. It is necessary if you want to be aggressive in your game. In its simplest sense, a smash involves the need to apply force to the ball so that the opponent will not be able to respond and the score will be yours.

A smash can be a powerful weapon, but you have to do it cautiously for it to work to your advantage. Otherwise, it will be a score for your opponent.

There are many ways to do it, but one of the best would be through a forward smash, which is recommended for beginners. To do this, you start with a backswing, follow it up with striking at a high position, and following through. When you do it right, your opponent will definitely end up being frustrated with the failure to respond to your shot.

The Right Control

In this case, by control, we are not only referring to how you control your shots, but also on how you control your opponent. Another important skill that you need to learn is how to put the game under your control to outmaneuver the other player. You need to be smart enough to be the one who is dominant.

To be the better player, you need to practice agility and concentration. You need to focus on every shot that the opponent makes so that you respond in such a way that he or she won’t be able to answer back.

Final Words

Now that you are done reading, I hope that you already know what are the basic skills of playing ping pong. The game might seem intimidating at first, but there is no reason to not play. Learn the basic techniques, and for sure, it won’t take long before you can show off what you got and dominate every game.