How do I become good player in table tennis?

Planning to gain expertise in table tennis? Well – its nothing impossible. You too can become a good player in table tennis, if you love the game. You need to play the game on a regular basis; you need to practice and play whenever you have time. Thus, becoming a good player in table tennis, is something which you are definitely going to enjoy. If you are looking for such ways, we have a few ideas which are definitely going to help you.

To become a good player, you need to know a few facts about the game, which is going to help you.

Learn more about the spin

If you wish to learn the game, you need to keep a good watch on the opponent’s racket. You need to keep a watch when the ball makes a contact with ball. You need to notice how the racket of your opponent is moving, especially when it is moving from a low to high. You need to check for the spin, if it is moving from a high to low spin or if it is a backspin. You need to learn thoroughly about the spin, especially the left sidespin, right to left spin and right side spin.

Know the Racket Angle

You need to learn how to compensate for the spin. If it is a topspin, you need to angle the racket, at least face down. It should make a contact with ball. This should be above the center. If it is a backspin, you need to angle this racket, a little face up. It should make a contact, below the center. If you keep changing the racket angle as per the spin, your strike rate is definitely going to improve and you will love your game.

Always Be Ready

Many players fail to respond because they are not in a ready position. If you are in a ready position, you will be able to balance yourself. Your body will also be prepared to move in the desired direction and that too quickly. You need to use this when you are returning the serves and you are between the strokes. You need to follow a sequence of rally. Your professional trainer will be able to help you get into the position.

Training The Strokes

You need to keep training your strokes till they are completely automatic. As you are learning the skill, you will be using good mental energy. This will help in formulating a clear mental picture. It will help in figuring out how the strokes are and how they look. If you get this mental picture, you will know how accurate it is. You need to practice well and keep repeating the skill till you learn how to play the game. This is one stage, which is known as automatic stage. So, when you are learning or practicing, you need to just let things happen.

Your racket is important

If you wish to play the game well and become an expert, you need to buy a racket. Once you buy a racket, you can again use it well. It is said that each racket has its own ‘feel’ and when you play and practice using your own racket, you will be able to learn the game well. Also, you need to take good care of the racket. You can use a nice inverted sponge rubber, you can slow wash it with the help of mild soapy water. You can use a special paddle cleaner whenever you use it.

There are many online stores which offer top quality rackets and paddles for your game. Buy the right paddle and accessories so that you play well.

Lastly, ensure that all the returns are low and these should be just over the net. If you are able to place the shots well lower the net, your opponent will be using lesser angler. It will get more difficult for your opponent to hit it quite hard. Table tennis is one game which can be learnt and mastered with great practice. So, if you are willing to learn the game, keep practicing. Never compromise on how you play.

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