How to Correct Ping Pong Mistakes


Ping Pong players often make a few mistakes. There are a few common errors which are repeated by the players who are quite new to the game. In fact, there are many mistakes which can be easily corrected as well, since they are quite a minor. If you are a beginner and still learning the game, be aware of a few mistakes. In case you are committing the mistakes, you can easily correct them in a few steps.

Get a good grip

Are you holding the paddle incorrectly? This is quite a common mistake usually made by the beginners. If you have a bad grip, it will hinder your playing ability, especially of just a few strokes. You need to use the wrist properly. If you do not do it, it will limit the playing standard. You need to start with the conventional grip.

Stroke Well

There are many players who cannot guide the ball over the net and on table. They should actually stroke the ball well. This usually happens when players start to play the game. They are usually worried about the mistakes they make. As a new player tries to guide the ball, they are not giving themselves a scope to make a good return. So, if you are just learning the game, you need to relax and then hit.

 Remember the speed limit

 You need to keep in mind that for every stroke you make, there is actually a maximum speed which can be used. If this is not done, the ball will not land on opposite side of table. Newcomers have a tendency to hit quite hard. If they are not hitting it hard, they will hit it too softly. Thus, it is quite important to balance the speed well.

Feet Movement

Beginners often have this problem. They do not get their feet moving. They do not lean and stretch as required. They need to take a tiny step in the proper direction. This helps in playing a good stroke and that too quite frequently. As the ball goes out of stroke, the player starts moving the feet but by then it is actually too late. Remember, you should never feel scared to move your feet. You need to make a movement at the right time.

Get Guidance:

Usually it takes time to get rid of all bad habits. If you wish to improve, you need to plan well for the game. There are people to guide you, who will help in learning some of the basic strokes. If you receive proper guidance, you will learn to play the game well. Your mistakes shall be rectified as well.

Learn All The Rules

There are players who start playing the game without knowing the rules well. Do not be one of them. If you are playing at home, you can play as you wish. You can even bounce the ball off plants or on table. But when you start playing the game in different competitions, you need to ensure that you are well aware of all the rules of the game. If you are well versed with the rules you will play the game well.

Practice Well

Ping pong often appears to be an easy game but the truth is that it is quite difficult to master. Thus, new players need to practice a lot. Ping pong is not a complex sport but it needs plenty of concentration, focus, skill and perseverance. You need to practice the game on a regular basis and then you will be able to master the game. If you do not practice, you will lose focus and will not be able to play well.

 Also, you need to remember that you shouldn’t believe every person you come across. Ping pong players are usually quite friendly but that doesn’t mean everyone can give you the right advice. You need to use your common sense and believe only the experts. If you come across conflicting views you need to believe only the ping pong experts.

Play the game at regular intervals of time and whenever you feel motivated to do so. You should love the game and you will play really well.

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