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Trip Announcement: Third Sunday of the Month Ride

Dates: Sunday, May 18th, 2014

Start Time: Hit the road at 10:00AM.

Start Location: In front of the Richland Community Center

Approximate Length and Estimated Return Time: 32 miles, return around 1PM. (without detours described below)

Ride Leader: Carl Berkowitz,, cell 509-438-5659

Overview and Route Description:

This is the local classic Ruppert - DeMoss Loop Ride. A map of the basic route starting from the Richland Community Center can be viewed at .

From the Richland Community Center we’ll head north along the Rivershore Bike Path bike to get on westbound Van Giesen Blvd. where we’ll continue to and through West Richland, turning right on Ruppert Road where we’ll escape city traffic. From here, we’ll cycle along farmland on the north side of Red Mtn. with great views of Rattlesnake Mtn. Ruppert turns into DeMoss Road at a photogenic junction that’s the start of a beautiful stretch of the Yakima River, going past Songbird Island and finally to a much more rural and less trafficked Van Giesen.

From here, we’ll coast down to where VG meets with Kennedy Road and then make a big decision …should we head directly back (east) along Kennedy Rd.? Or should we do a few extra miles and head into Benton City along 1st St. for lunch? Either way, we’ll eventually head back along Kennedy Road (a bit of an uphill grind) and to Bombing Range Rd. where we’ll do the long coast back into West Richland, and onto Van Giesen then east into Richland and the bike paths/side streets that take us back to the Community Center.

Additional Comments: This route is soon burned into the mind of all Tri-City cyclists because it’s such a great ride. It goes through farmlands, open sage country and along the bluffs of the Yakima River. Traffic on the Ruppert – DeMoss section is usually quite light, especially on weekends. The DeMoss section of the route goes past several wineries, at which individuals in the group may want to stop. Other riders may choose to have lunch in Benton City. And Dave claims there’s a short but nasty  6% grade on a side road along the north side of Red Mtn. that the more athletic riders may want to try. While the basic ride is the loop described above, participants should feel free to do any of these activities. Riders will want to exercise caution going down Bombing Range Rd. which can be heavily trafficked on Sundays. 

map of planned ride

Trip Announcement:

Dates: April 20th, 2014

Start Time: Hit the road at 10:00AM.

Start Location: In front of the Richland Community Center

Approximate Return Time: around 1PM.

Ride Leader: Carl Berkowitz,, cell 509-438-5659

Overview and Route Description: This will be a 30 mile, level-terrain out-and-back ride We’ll head west this time (we’ve gone east the last two rides), going out Van Giesen to West Richland where we’ll go to the end of Harrington Road via the canal on the north side. We should have spring buds on the trees along the canal and hopefully water in the canals themselves, all of which could lead to a very pretty ride. It's perfectly flat and ideal for a first spring ride. We’ll have the option of stopping for coffee or refreshments in West Richland on the way back. Those who continue without the coffee break should be back at the Community Center before 1PM. Should be perfect to get some exercise, meet other cyclists, socialize and for novice cyclists and families to learn from the experience of others.

Additional Comments: Future Third Sunday Rides will include Sacajawea Park, Benton City or LIGO. We hope to have a ‘sweep’ (a rider to help stragglers) on all of these rides. Please contact Carl or Dave (  if you can lead or help with these rides.

Trip Report:

'Third Sunday of the Month Ride', for March 16, 2014

The National Weather Service reported steady winds of 20 mph with gusts of 30mph during our second ‘Third Sunday of the Month’ local ride. Despite these conditions, four TCBC riders made their way from the Richland Community Center, out to the Cable Bridge and returned through Columbia Park. The winds were from the south and most of the ride was east-west so riding across the Cable Bridge from Pasco to Kennewick was quite interesting.

A surprising amount of wildlife was seen for such a windy day. As the group headed east we saw Lesser Scaup, Goldeneyes and Buffleheads along the Pasco side of the Columbia River. One Horned Grebe was seen near Bateman Island and five deer were seen scampering away from the bike path along the Yakima River Bridge as riders made their way back to the Community Center. All in all, it was a windy but fun ride.

Damon Elliot Harris, age 77, passed away on February 2, 2014. Damon was a retired owner of Frank Elliot Interiors. He was a founding member of the Tri-City Bicycle Club and one of its earliest Presidents and Directors. His signature is on the original Articles of Incorporation for TCBC.